400G and 600G – What Does it Mean for the Industry’s DWDM Optical Multiplexing Solutions?

With the emergence of 2017, so too came the emergence of DWDM Optical Transport Solutions with the ability to carry signals of 400G and higher. Proof of its development comes from companies such as Nokia, Huawei, Adva and Ciena, who all made industry announcements of 400G deployments and capabilities. However, as signal rates grew to…


MRV Wraps Up NANOG 70

People often ask, “where is technology headed?”  A good place to find the answer is at the North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) meetings. NANOG  is where telecommunications and internet giants like Verizon, NTT, Google, Verisign, Telstra, Comcast, Netflix and Microsoft send their best engineers to network and trade ideas and best practices. NANOG 70…

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MRV’s New 200G Optical Transport Solution is Optimized for Speed and Built for Performance!

We just introduced a new 200G optical transport solution for data center interconnect (DCI) and telecom applications! What do the new 200G muxponders bring to our OptiDriver WDM optical transport portfolio? To name a few benefits, data center operators, communication service providers and enterprises will benefit from simplified network design, reduced stranded chassis space, reduced…

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