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OptiPacket® (OP-X) Series Datasheet


The OptiPacket® OP-X family is a portfolio of MEF CE2.0 Certifiied Metro Service Edge Platforms that offer outstanding flexibility, capacity, and intelligence that lead the industry in bandwidth density, capacity, and power efficiency. OptiPacket includes different sized chassis with capacities and densities optimized for different network applications and deployment scenarios. These range from the OP-X1, designed for smaller locations…


MRV Communications: Enabling 100G Connectivity and Beyond


Bandwidth is like money; you can never have enough. These words ring truer and truer as the industry continues to see exponential growth in data traffic. Organizations across a wide array of verticals – healthcare, education, government, finance and media, just to name a few – are recognizing the need for speedy connectivity with the…


The Demand for Low-Latency Connectivity


When it comes to professional trading, speed is imperative. Traders need to think fast and act faster. That is why low-latency connectivity must be an integral part of the process. Without it, competing in the highly aggressive trading environment is difficult. As any trader worth his title will tell you, the lower the latency, the…