Manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, energy, and healthcare organizations are all taking a variety of approaches to reduce the time to repair and restore network services across their enterprise. Network outages and application degradations often result in huge financial and customer losses, as well as delays in treatments. MRV’s LX Series Console Servers can be…


Investment Bank Goes Out-of-Band with LX Series Console Serversd to Manage Security

Recently, a division of a nationwide bank needed to deploy new security equipment for its web services. It recognized, in order to balance its device management needs with corporate IT physical security guidelines that limited access to equipment sitting outside of its network security perimeter, it would need an out-of-band remote management solution. MRV’s LX series console server…


Cross River Fiber Chooses MRV to Light Its Network


Today, MRV announced that its packet and optical technology has transformed Cross River Fiber from a dark fiber provider to an intelligent managed network provider. Cross River Fiber will utilize MRV’s OptiDriver® optical transport solution to interconnect its footprint with third-party providers to expand its capacity between New Jersey and New York City. MRV’s OptiSwitch®…


MRV Communications: Enabling 100G Connectivity and Beyond


Bandwidth is like money; you can never have enough. These words ring truer and truer as the industry continues to see exponential growth in data traffic. Organizations across a wide array of verticals – healthcare, education, government, finance and media, just to name a few – are recognizing the need for speedy connectivity with the…


Meet MRV at the Trading Event Chicago & Enter to Win an Apple Watch!


MRV has been delivering best-in-class packet and optical solutions for mission critical networks for over 25 years. The company’s OptiDriver® optical transport solution features latency rates that can be up to 20 times faster than those of competing technology vendors. With its robust platform and engineering expertise, MRV is well positioned to be a critical partner…


MRV to Demonstrate Practices for Lowering Network Latency


MRV Communications announced today that the company’s Director of Technical Marketing, Mannix O’Conner, will be exhibiting and speaking at The Trading Show Chicago 2016, taking place from May 18 to 19, 2016 at the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. The Trading Show brings together leaders in automated trading, quantitative risk management, big data and high-performance…


INFOGRAPHIC – MRV Solutions Empower Higher Education


As the education industry leans further and further towards connected-everything, MRV has made it a mission to help empower universities through its unique and scalable optical transport solutions. MRV’s campus network solutions offer optimal flexibility in bandwidth, allowing for additional network capacity and new service offerings. What’s more, the modular design meets any need and simplifies…


The Demand for Low-Latency Connectivity


When it comes to professional trading, speed is imperative. Traders need to think fast and act faster. That is why low-latency connectivity must be an integral part of the process. Without it, competing in the highly aggressive trading environment is difficult. As any trader worth his title will tell you, the lower the latency, the…