Syndeo Network Selects MRV’s OptiDriver to Upgrade Regional WDM Backbone Network

Today we announced that Syndeo Network, a fiber-optic based broadband communications service provider, has selected our OptiDriver® platform to upgrade and streamline its WDM network. Syndeo Network provides telecommunications services to 21 counties in northern Illinois and owns a fiber installation subsidiary, DeKalb Fiber Optics, that serves education, enterprise, and government institutions. What does MRV’s…


  Manufacturing, banking, insurance, retail, energy, and healthcare organizations are all taking a variety of approaches to reduce the time to repair and restore network services across their enterprise. Network outages and application degradations often result in huge financial and customer losses, as well as delays in treatments. MRV’s LX Series Console Servers can be…


Take Control of Your Test Lab – Application Notes


MRV’s remote management solutions provide a more cost effective way to obtain maximum efficiency from your test lab equipment and personnel. In today’s connected world of 24 x 7 development and testing across the globe, secure, real-time remote access makes shared lab and development equipment much easier to manage and significantly more cost effective. MRV…

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MRV Achieves FIPS 140-2 Certification, Further Highlighting its Commitment to Thwarting Cyber Security Threats


Mandated and enforced according to the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), FIPS 140-2 is a required federal government security standard in the U.S. and Canada for cryptography modules that include both hardware and software components. And yesterday, MRV announced that its LX Series has completed the re-validation process for this standard, further demonstrating the…


Investment Bank Goes Out-of-Band with LX Series Console Serversd to Manage Security

Recently, a division of a nationwide bank needed to deploy new security equipment for its web services. It recognized, in order to balance its device management needs with corporate IT physical security guidelines that limited access to equipment sitting outside of its network security perimeter, it would need an out-of-band remote management solution. MRV’s LX series console server…


Statewide Unified Court System Turns to Out-of-Band Networking with LX Series Console Servers


A statewide Unified Court System was created to provide rule of law in a just and timely manner throughout the entire state. With more than 3 million cases per year, keeping an ever-growing secure network online and functioning on all cylinders becomes burdensome. The court system began converting to IP telephony to simplify and strengthen…


Connectivity Options: Choosing Between Dark Fiber and Lit Services


Connectivity is more than just content delivery and social media networks. It’s rapidly becoming an essential part of life and now various industries and government organizations are requiring sophisticated networks to support their myriads of data. As data services transform from being an option to being a necessity for both personal and professional applications, cost-effective,…