Media Cross Connect

Physical Layer Switches

Increases lab efficiency and productivity with reduced CapEx and OpEx savings
Enables remote Layer 1 network tapping for security and/or networking monitoring
Supports wide range of data rates and media types
MCC family

MRV’s physical layer switches are scalable, OSI layer 1 switches that allows users to connect any port to any other port within the system using a non-blocking matrix. The Media Cross Connect (MCC) is an “optical to electrical to optical” (OEO) switch used for data rates and media up to 10Gbps. Deploying these switches in a lab environment allows test commitments to be met without compromising quality or responsiveness, or increasing capital or operational expenses.

Physical Layer Switches differ from traditional LAN switches in that they provide a fully non-blocking architecture eliminating the concerns of “oversubscribing” bandwidth simplifying connectivity options in lab environments. Physical layer switches also feature extremely low latency and are virtually invisible to end system devices greatly improving the accuracy of test scenarios in high performance network testing.

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