Optical Transport

Targets Data Center Interconnect, fiber optimization, high capacity transport, and dynamic & intelligent optical networks
Offers a flexible shelf architecture with highest 10G and 100G port density
Provides wide selection of chassis and modules sizes along with unsurpassed flexibility to fit any application
Provides built-in testing and diagnostics tools with CapEx and OpEx savings
Offers ultra-low latency for high-frequency trading and time critical applications
One of the highest power efficiency solutions for Data Center Interconnect applications
Pluggable optics provide flexibility

Optical transport networks are transitioning from static to dynamic architectures to enable more efficient traffic engineering for non-deterministic mobile, video and cloud service traffic patterns.

MRV’s OptiDriver platform enables a high-speed, intelligent network that is faster, more cost-effective and easier to manage for use in data center interconnect applications, content delivery networks, large enterprise and carrier environments where flexibility, space and power are at a premium.

Designed from the ground up to reduce capital and operational expenses, and engineered to support the latest advances in optical technologies, OptiDriver empowers high-growth cloud connectivity with the industry’s leading 10Gbps, 100Gbps and future upgradeable 200Gbps densities. With a highly flexible pay-as-you-grow modular solution, network designers can use a single set of hardware across multiple applications. This capability reduces ordering complexity and results in an overall reduction in capital and operational expenses that serve data center interconnect applications in metro and regional networks.

Additional member of MRV’s optical transport family is the FiberDriver platform that complements the entire range of chassis for comprehensive solution for optical transport access networks. Read more…

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