Empowering Service Orchestration

Simplifies delivery of next-generation dynamic services in SDN-enabled networks
Enables faster time-to-market for new services with rapid time to revenue
Provides enhanced troubleshooting tools to dramatically reduce service restoration times
Manages convergence of both packet and optical networks
Offers real-time reporting on service performance
Supports automation of network operations

Network operators today demand a high level of centralized control along with the ability to streamline and automate the provisioning and management of a multitude of new and dynamic applications.

MRV’s Pro-Vision software is designed to support those efforts, while giving service providers the tools necessary for full lifecycle service orchestration (LSO). Pro-Vision® Supports Multilayer Packet and Optical Provisioning, Management and Reporting to enable Agile, Assured and Orchestrated Networks.

Pro-Vision innovative service management and orchestration software significantly eases network operation and gives service providers a complete set of automated tools from planning and provisioning to visualizing and optimizing packet and optical networks and services. The solution is recognized for its ability to bring new services to market in less time, provide real-time reporting on service performance, provide analytics that support service differentiation and lower operational costs. Pro-Vision delivers full life cycle service management across the entire MRV solution set with unified network view, thus enabling operators the ability to efficiently offer and support next generation services with accelerated service activation and restoration.

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