MRV’s New 200G Optical Transport Solution is Optimized for Speed and Built for Performance!

We just introduced a new 200G optical transport solution for data center interconnect (DCI) and telecom applications! What do the new 200G muxponders bring to our OptiDriver WDM optical transport portfolio? To name a few benefits, data center operators, communication service providers and enterprises will benefit from simplified network design, reduced stranded chassis space, reduced…

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OptiDriver® Series Datasheet


OptiDriver® is a unique and comprehensive wave-division multiplexing series of platforms that are optimized for Metro Optical Transport, Data Center Interconnect (DCI), and Telecom applications. It can be used to create a complete programmable optical transport network with transponders, muxponders, multiplexers, optical add/drop multiplexers, amplification, dispersion compensation, management, and other features purpose-built for regional, metro,…